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The Studio School

Here at The Studio School, learning and relationships go hand in hand and are alive with passion and curiosity. We are dedicated to creating a community that celebrates the richness of life and the common bonds of all humanity. Students are empowered to integrate what they learn with who they are. As independent thinkers they achieve a deep and lasting academic excellence and embrace a life-long love of learning.

Basic Facts

    Available Spots: 9/3/19 - We have 1 Toddler Spot, 1 Pre-K Spot, 1 Kindergarten Spot and 1 8yr old spot

    Age Range:
    PreK - Grade 8

    Years Established: 1971

    Enrollment: 110

    Average Class Size: 16-18

    Tuition: $33,500-$49,100

    Who you serve:
    Co-ed, Elementary, Middle School, Preschool

    The Studio School educates the hearts and minds of children as we nurture the unfolding of their authentic spirit and character.
    Our students learn to value intellectual and creative ideas, taking pleasure in the process of discovery. We seek a deep and lasting academic excellence, one that is achieved when children are motivated to embrace for themselves the journey of learning.

    The Studio School opened in 1971, in the heart of Greenwich Village, as a one-room schoolhouse with 25 students, ages 4 to 12, with the knowledge that learning results naturally from a child’s own inner drive to find out about the world. Our founders, Dolores and Robert Welber, believed that there’s a strong interplay of the emotions and the intellect in learning. They visualized a school that would incorporate this premise and have a strong developmental point of view, where a child’s intellectual, emotional, physical, and social growth would be thoroughly addressed. From this original vision, “The Studio on Eleventh Street” was born.

    In fact, the name “Studio” is as apt for the school today as it was originally, almost half a century ago. Evoking an artist’s workshop, it signifies a place where freedom to grapple with important issues of thought, feeling, and ideas is guided into meaningful experiences and enduring expression—a place where children learn to make effective choices and active contributions while growing toward self-fulfillment and a positive role in the world, and finally, a place where the concept that we all learn from one another is kept in mind each day.

    Within Studio’s classrooms, the educational mission evolved to demonstrate what children needed to experience so that they would fully evolve as students and humans: integrating both facts and feelings, intellect and emotions.
    The tenets of the school were:

    Everyone can learn from everyone.
    There is no learning without feelings.
    A school is for parents, too.
    You are ultimately responsible for your own education.


    Available Hours:
    Toddlers MWF 9:15-11:45, Early Childhood 8:30-12:15/3, Elementary 8:30-3, Middle School 8:30-3:15

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    1. A principle value of The Studio School is having every child take responsibility for their own learning. My husband and I were drawn to this ideal having both grown up constantly being reminded by our parents to do our homework, and dreading actually doing it. At Studio, this value of responsibility is instilled at an early age so that our children develop a love of learning, not because they have to but because they want to. As parents, this means being partners in education with the teachers, and supporting the relationship between student and teacher. It also means recognizing that a child’s ability to take responsibility for their own work is a muscle developed over time and can only be developed in collaboration with their teacher. We are thrilled to see our daughter embrace her own learning and develop a sense of confidence in her own work at such a young age, and we are grateful for the decision we made in having her attend The Studio School.

    2. My daughter has become very invested in her classes at The Studio School. Recently, her threes and fours class has been learning about the postal system. She has worked closely with her teacher to write letters, she has discovered the significance of putting a stamp on a letter, and she has been pleased to send letters through the mail. My daughter now counts every mail box in our neighborhood and looks forward to going to school the next day to report the number of mailboxes she has seen. The impact of this project extends well beyond learning about the postal system. It has opened her eyes to the world beyond herself as she imagines all of the places she can send her letters. She understands that she can remain connected to people even if she doesn’t see them every day and many nights, she comes home and writes a pretend letter to someone she is thinking of!

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