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MUSE Academy

MUSE Academy offers the best Brooklyn Private School for families who are looking to unlock their child’s creative potential and develop a life-long passion for learning. Our focus is on the whole child that combines rigorous core academics with a unique focus on music and performing arts.

We offer outstanding faculty, small class sizes, and daily instruction in language, math, science, Spanish, and music & performing arts beginning in Kindergarten. Our unique Pre-K and Kindergarten programs nurture creativity and a passion for learning from an early age.

Basic Facts

    Available Spots: 2/22/2019 We have limited spots available for PreK 3, PreK 4, K and 1st grade for fall 2019

    Age Range:
    PreK-Grade 2

    Years Established: School Established in 2018

    Enrollment: 40

    Average Class Size: 12

    Tuition: $24,000 per year

    Who you serve:
    Co-ed, Elementary, Preschool

    MUSE Academy is an independent private school in Brooklyn that fills a critical need for high quality, humanist education. We seek to develop the full potential of every child as lifelong learners, expressive artists, and active citizens in his or her community. Music, movement, and performance are central to the MUSE educational experience and profoundly contribute to cognitive and social development. Our unique Pre-K and Kindergarten programs nurture creativity and a passion for learning from an early age. Our approach engages all the modes through which children learn and communicate — including verbal, analytical, kinesthetic, spatial, social, and emotional — using an inquiry-based learning model.

    Available Hours:
    8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Monday-Friday

Contact Details

Important Q&A

    What differentiates your school from all others?
    MUSE Academy stands apart from other independent and public schools in our community for the following reasons:

    - Deep integration across all subjects in our curriculum makes learning more meaningful and enables students to make interconnections
    - Daily excellent instruction in music, movement and foreign language immersion accelerates cognitive development, memory, and makes learning joyful
    - Consistently excellent faculty who are supported with collaborative instruction model
    - Highly diverse student body and families creates rich and supportive community

    Where do you see your school in 5 years, what will be different?
    In five years we will have a full grade school and have launched our middle school for rising 6th graders. We will have over 130 students enrolled but will maintain our small class sizes, diverse community of families, and standards of excellence for our faculty.

    Whats one myth about your school thats just not true?
    MUSE Academy is not only for musical or performing arts prodigies or for children destined for a future in the arts. While it is likely that a small number of our graduates will go on to top conservatories, our curriculum is designed to create lifelong learners with capacity to thrive in any academic environment, who have an engagement with the arts and their own creativity, and who are prepared to be be active participants in their communities and civic life.

    What kind of student is most successful at your school?
    Our inquiry-based approach to learning encourages students to be active participants in their own education and our teachers are trained to shape and adjust flow of instruction to channel student passions.

    Why should we choose your school?
    Families should consider choosing MUSE Academy if:

    - They are committed to providing an excellent education for their children
    - Are willing to support their children in an academically rigorous program that will stretch their abilities
    - Look forward to being part of a diverse community and a curriculum that draws on the richness of many different cultures
    - Value the humanities, music and performing arts as important aspects of a comprehensive education

    What does a typical day look like for your kids?
    At MUSE Academy, every day is an adventure in learning in which rigorous core academic instruction is intertwined with music, performance, and visual arts.

    Each morning, the Head of School warmly greets MUSE students as they enter the building and transition from family life to the new environment of structured learning, social development, and creative expression at MUSE Academy. The first class begins with 15 minutes of community building and character development, typically with interactive games, song, and dance.

    Students study geometry by identifying and describing shapes in Paul Klee's paintings, and then segue to a visual arts class, where they create their own geometric-inspired works leading to a gallery walk with their peers. As they walk down the hall, the familiar rhythms of mallet instruments from the kindergarten class fill the air as they head to a brief recess that activates and energizes the mind.

    Students learn history in a unit on "NYC Spanning Time," first by reading "The Little Book of New York" and then moving to a dance class in which dances of the Colonial era are reinterpreted with signature movements for key historical actors. Twenty minutes of daily reading boosts stamina and provides the opportunity for small group instruction. Second graders then hold a "publishing party" in which they share the fruits of a writing unit on adapted fairy tales with their peers in kindergarten, focusing on plot elaboration and character development.

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