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The IDEAL School of Manhattan

Welcome to The IDEAL School of Manhattan, New York’s only inclusive, K-12 independent school. IDEAL is fully accredited by the New York State Association of Independent Schools and our High School is registered with the State of New York. At IDEAL, we celebrate the tremendous social, emotional, and academic growth that comes from learning within a diverse and nurturing educational community. Our exceptional academic program is based on the core belief that students learn best when we set a high bar and scaffold the path to achievement through differentiation.

Basic Facts

    Age Range:
    K - Grade 12

    Years Established: 2006

    Enrollment: 190

    Average Class Size: 14

    Tuition: $41,000 - $123,500

    Who you serve:
    Co-ed, Elementary, High School, Middle School

    The IDEAL School of Manhattan is an inclusion school dedicated to creating a diverse community that affirms and accepts the full identities of all people, while inspiring academic excellence, creative leadership, and a desire to build a more just and equitable world.

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    1. Our last school, our third school in just 4 years, informed me that they could not provide sufficient services moving forward. My child, quite bright and outgoing, was not progressing. At 10 years of age and 4th grade he barely read at a 1st grade level. The gap was not closing, and his frustrations were escalating. I was at a loss.

      His former school gave me options, sending me on a wild goose chase to dozens of interviews and applications in the tri-state area. Finally, a counselor pulled me aside one day and said, “well, there is this other school, it is an inclusion school.” I rolled my eyes thinking how silly to think that kids with so many different abilities could be in a classroom together. How would my child progress? But, upon my first visit, where I left in tears, I learned that it not only works, it thrives.

      As a country we are finally looking at diversity and inclusion as a priority. IDEAL is an institution that is leading the next generation in this effort. My child not only receives the necessary services moving him forward to close his gap, but is pushed to become an empathic strong leader that understands inclusion and how to implement it into our world. On top, he has the most individualized attention we have ever received. My son used to hold my leg crying and beg not to go to school. Now, he jumps to go, happy and engaged, and most importantly, he feels safe. He is seen and understood.

      The IDEAL school is NOT the other school but rather it is THE school. I suspect that many other schools will seek to emulate its structure over the next decade. The children enrolled now will be ahead of their time as leaders and innovators.

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