“I Like How You Think….”

By Joseph E. Powers, The Woods Academy, Head of School

To me, this is the ultimate compliment we can make in school (or in life). Thinking is what we are teaching our kids to do. Thinking is the power behind ideas that solve problems and create opportunities. Thinking and the perspectives we share is what forces us to see how others feel and allows us the opportunity to better understand.

There are a great many skills that we teach in school, but learning how to think may be the most important. Whether it be creating an invention at the 3rd Grade Invention Convention, challenging a Luncher to think about how to add perspective to their art work or asking an 8th Grader to reflect back on their Woods experience in their Capstone Leadership Project, teaching children to think and giving them the opportunity to share those thoughts is so important.

Thinkers become doers, and doers are leaders. That is what happens when we stretch children to “think.”

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